We are a family from Huglfing (a small village in the south of Munich) with a 2-year-old Lagottho lady. As you know, with a dog you have a lot of fun, but also sometimes you have to do some nasty work. Whatever, our girlie has this special talent to get rid of some weight as soon as we reached the maximum distance to the next dog toilet.

The dogwaste bags you can buy on the market are made of a very thin, recyclable material and  cannot keep the smell.

Out of this reason you want to get rid of it  – you make a knot into the bag and let it fall to the ground. Or you carry it in your hand and hope to reach the disposal station, which is sometimes far away.

We have tried to find a really odor -proof bag on the market, so that we can stow the filled dogwaste bags comfortably and safely until disposal. But we had no success.


What was important for us?

... first

100% smell blocking bag with an absolutely tight seal for the safe transport of filled dog waste bags.

... second

outside pocket to store the dog waste bags or treats within easy reach

... third

small dimensions with clip and biner to fix the bag on clothing, bagpacks, bikes, sups, etc

The basic idea ...

All Nylon bags and roll bags we did test, had a problem with airleak. For this reason we decided in the first step to develop a rollbag with special thick TPU lips. It worked great, but the handling was not good enough. After a while we had that idea, that we sit in smellproove bags ourselves when surfing in cold water - we use drysuits! So we started to glue these kind of zippers into little bags. Long time we had the problem that these expensive zippers including the necessary productiontime double the price. At some point we finally found a manufacturer who was able to implement our ideas at a reasonable price using a new production technology.

... the product

... 100% smellproof bag for transport of filled dogwaste bags

... complete welded TPU bag including a 100% waterproof zipper

... available in 3 sizes S/M - L - XL

TPU handles help to open/close the zipper

Outside pocket with outlet for wastebags or treats

mounting options


application possibilities


What size of Do-DU-Bag do i need ?

Do-DU-Bag S/M

L: 13 cm 
B: 12 cm
T: 5 cm

Volumen = 700 ml

Do-DU-Bag L

L: 14,5cm 
B: 13cm
T: 6,5 cm

Volumen = 1200ml

Do-DU-Bag XL

L: 18 cm 
B: 16 cm
T: 6,5 cm

Volumen = 1650ml

Care instructions

1. Always open the zipper after using and let open. Use warm water and soap to clean  dirty surfaces.Zipper will move more easy with any silicon, hand creme, bike oil, salad oil

2. Zipper will move more easy with any silicon, hand creme, bike oil, olive oil

data and facts

Mio dogs in germany
Mio. household with dog
times per day to take the dog out
... happy lordling